Alternatives to Youtube

Using IT in the classroom is always a welcomed challenge for teachers and a distraction for students.

Films, TV documentaries, short media clips are all great resources when used correctly in the classroom. However, YouTube is not always available in secondary or primary schools due to the PDST security. Despite this many schools have set the level to incorporate YouTube.


Youtube however is a social media outlet which does wish to make profit from it’s availability and services, thus youtube has started integrating ads into youtube clips as people are skipping the advertisement. This does pose a problem in a school and learning environment.

One way to overcome this is to use quiettube. Quiettube takes out unnecessary extras and just allows the youtube clip to be shown.  It is ideal if teaching younger students or if you wish students not to be distracted. Quiettube additionally takes out the autoplay next video which can lead to distributions when teaching.

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Another great IT resource to use instead of YouTube is Vimeo. Though I have discussed Vimeo in a previous post – it is always good to reflect and revise on resources.

Vimeo has been proving itself in regards to the high quality and easy to use features. One student recently, created an amazing 1916 project using Vimeo. Additionally, they were able to make the video from their phone and they had their family helping them which they said was ideal as their family then became involved in the students learning. Furthermore, using Vimeo allowed the student to experience HD quality features and enhancements which aren’t always available when uploading YouTube clips.

The wealth of resources on Vimeo is also worth noting. Most topics have something there which you can view and use. What I have found from using Vimeo in the class is it can be tedious to load at times due to the HD Quality.

Wingclips is another media clip which I would highly recommended using the classroom. It has a huge amount of short clips to choose from which are ideal in the classroom. Wingclips is designed to be easy and friendly to use. It even caught my eye that in the Catholic School Week resource pack they recommended using short clips from wingclips to tie into lessons. It was ideal to use in the classroom and also suggested other clips. Furthermore, wingclips seems to use HD quality clips which are ideal in a classroom full of students. It eliminates the usual

I can’t hear the clip or it’s very blurry.

One feature of wingclips which does put it above other websites is it has been split into themes and categories. Furthermore, it has also designed an educational section on its website. This section is packed with resources and inspirational shirt clips which can be incorporated into any lesson theme or even at the start or end of a lesson.

Additionally, wingclips has the length of the clip beside the clip and key words. Knowing the length of a clip before you even click on it is ideal if you are trying to plan a class as time is of the essence when teaching. One of the most common complaints you hear from students who are reflecting on teaching practice at this time of the year is they do not have enough time. Similar to how the crunch of the coursework is on top of many students and teachers and how they say that they feel that there isn’t enough time in the day for what needs to be done.

Also, another reason why wingclips is highly recommended for the classroom as a resource is there is no advertising or advertisements shown on the page beside the wingclips logo and a link to buy the whole documentary or clip.

Religious Education Resource is Though it is very much so aimed towards the Christian part of the course, it does have a huge amount of resources which can be pitched at any level. Recently, more and more clips have been uploaded to this website. Additionally, it has since adapted to the way society has gone and can be downloaded as an app. By being able to download onto your phones as an app you are able to research and look at the resources on the go. Having the option to log on via your phone and browse resources.


Holocaust Memorial Day

With less than two weeks to go for Holocaust Memorial Day I think it’s fitting to raise awareness about this increasingly important day.


This image sends chills down the spine of anyone who knows the horrific background to this picture. For those of you who may not recognise or know this is the entrance into Auschwitz,. Auschwitz is known as one of the most horrific camps to have ever emerge  in human history.

The holocaust is one of the most disturbing ideas to be recorded. This event literally shakes the core of each person who learns of the horrific incidents, plans, thoughts, people who were involved and ultimately lives who were cruelly cut short or left with more horrific devastating pain than we can comprehend.

The Holocaust is a horrific event that should never be repeated. Everything should be done to avoid this occurring again. How we can do this is by remembering the Holocaust as ‘it’s as urgent as ever’ according to the Lincoln group this week.

There are many resources on the Holocaust which can incorporated into many different subjects and lessons. There are a huge amount of resources and websites dedicated to raising awareness about the Holocaust.

Holocaust Education Trust Ireland does a huge amount of work to raise awareness about the Holocaust and the devastating aftermath it has had on those affected and the world. They seek to inform and enlighten in order to prevent another atrocity ever occuring again.

They have a huge amount of resources and information for teachers and students. One of the most important resources they have is survivors testimonies. With personal testimonies becoming fewer and fewer with each passing year, it’s important to listen to these testimonies. A few personal testimonies which are well worth looking are from survivors such as Tomi Reichental, Eile Wiesel, Jan Kaminski, Suzi Diamond, Ingse Radford. Each of these survivors have a haunting testimony of how children witnessed things no human ever should.

Resources for introducing the Holocaust to a class.


For many media resources such as this please check out hetireland youtube channel. There are numerous video clips which can be used in class.

Another resource which can engage students is this interactive map which can engage and introduce the topic.

For further information and resources please check out these twitter accounts! There has been amazing work and research done in order to make people aware of the Holocaust and how we can prevent it from ever occurring again.












Bringing history alive

prezi sample 4

The key to success is to keep students engaged during the lesson! We use AFL, Lower Order questions and Higher order questions to ensure that students are engaged during the class and that we pitching our classrooms for all levels!

However, keeping 30 students engaged at once is a tad tricker – especially in history when sometimes the topics (such as the plantations) are very broad and tedious.

One good way I have found to break up the lesson and keep students engaged with fun and relevant facts is through youtube channels such as horrible histories and historychannelforteachers.

Both have a whole host of youtube videos which can be used in the classroom and for short assessments as well.

Some examples I personally have loved using are the following.

Horrible Histories Rotten Romans Patrician Dining

The topic Ancient Civilisation outside of Ireland is one of the more interesting topics to teach out of the 1st year history curriculum.Thought there is the option between Greek and Roman – most schools tend to opt for the Roman option.

The patrician is a fun topic to teach as it’s filled with horrible and disgusting facts such as they had a vomitorium or they used the bathroom facilities while at the table. Also, eating with their fingers is also a crowd pleaser!

Taking a modern twist on music – Too late to Apologize Deceleration is also a 2nd year history topic I enjoy teaching because of this youtube clip.

It’s very well done and I highly recommended using it when teaching the Declaration as they do remember the different elements associated with the signing of the deceleration which they may not remember otherwise.

Signs and Symbols

Currently doing signs and symbols in Religious Education. Trying to combine web 2.o technology, history and Religious Education together in this post!

Currently, doing World War I, World War II and the Cold War with different years thus this is very fitting for a cross curricular video – especially with overlapping classes!

  • Signs: Handshake is a sign of friendship
  • Symbol: Handshake is a sign of peace
  • Sign: Hands up – Do not fire
  • Symbol: Peace, life, christmas, love
  • Sign: Photo
  • Symbol: Photo symbolises family, love, friendship, life, friends



#AntiBullyingWeek was trending twitter (web 2.0 technology) only a few weeks ago! This video was a great short pixar video in demonstrating how easy it is to bully without actually realising what we are doing.

The small birds in this video go along with the crowd until they realise it could affect them – which results in them losing their feathers!