Web 2.0 Tools for teaching practice


  • http://www.wordle.net/ – summarise long texts for students!
  • http://www.powtoon.com/ – for those creative enough to create short films for there class! Bring topics alive!
  • prezi.com – try this for powerpoint presentation! free to sign up to and very easy to use!
  • twitter  – connect with fellow educators and you may find some interesting ideas and topics!
  • #teachingpractice
  • #digtailtools
  • #edtech
  • wordpress.com – I would encourage doing a reflective blog for teaching practice. You can see what is working and how you feel about classes and what you can do to improve and reflect on.
  • facebook – have an active chat with friends who are going through a similar experience. Support each other as best as you can.
  • tes.co.uk – huge amount of resources available
  • skype – try skyping with other classes!

Resource time!

A resource that is becoming more and more popular is Wordle. http://www.wordle.net/

It’s a little website where you can upload bodies of text or URL sites and the most commonly used word will be left.

This is a great resource for all subjects. However, I feel history will be the subject that mostly benefits as you can allow students to upload their essays and see which key words are needed to complete an essay.

history wordle