Recently, as part of one module – we had to look at religious stories and how they are portrayed in the media.

Though the module has ended one story which has since caught my eye and attention is Stephanie Kurlow, a 14 year old from Australia who is wishes to become the first Muslim Hijab Ballerina.


Why this news report caught my attention was down to Stephanie dedication to become a ballet dancer despite the difficulties encountered while wearing her hijab.  The dedication involved in perfecting ballet is one of awe.

Seeing how even from the above picture how physically demanding ballet is – it’s inspiring to see how people can love their passion despite the hardships involved.

Students are currently preparing and undertaking their mocks. Additionally, the students not in examination years are preparing for their next major exams – summer.

While reflecting on the dedication and passion of ballet dancers – it is good to remind students similar to ballet dancers to do a little everyday. This means going over topics which may not have been revised in a while.

motivation 8






Pancake Tuesday is a day greeted with much delight last week as people enjoy their pancakes with their many different toppings and creations. Some people even go to extremes and they have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It is a day of indulgences.However, Pancake Tuesday is also known as Shrove Tuesday and marks the beginning of Lent.

Lent is a topic which can be covered with a range of years and can be pitched very easily to each class.

A few resources which I have picked up this year for lent are as follow!

Short Youtube clip on Lent

Short Youtube clip on Ash Wednesday or Lent


Lentsanity Free App designed for young adults.

Pray as You Go Catholic App Free App where you can make a digital retreat for Lent.


Credit @MsKeleghan and @rechatie


Will have daily updates and resources throughout lent.


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Beautiful images to use throughout Lent





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Image result for lent

Image result for lent

Image result for lent








Signs and Symbols

Currently doing signs and symbols in Religious Education. Trying to combine web 2.o technology, history and Religious Education together in this post!

Currently, doing World War I, World War II and the Cold War with different years thus this is very fitting for a cross curricular video – especially with overlapping classes!

  • Signs: Handshake is a sign of friendship
  • Symbol: Handshake is a sign of peace
  • Sign: Hands up – Do not fire
  • Symbol: Peace, life, christmas, love
  • Sign: Photo
  • Symbol: Photo symbolises family, love, friendship, life, friends



#AntiBullyingWeek was trending twitter (web 2.0 technology) only a few weeks ago! This video was a great short pixar video in demonstrating how easy it is to bully without actually realising what we are doing.

The small birds in this video go along with the crowd until they realise it could affect them – which results in them losing their feathers!