Working well with others

Recently I have students doing projects in the run up to mid-term and over mid-term break. The students have been given the option to do the projects on their own or in groups. These options have created a dynamic in the classroom with students communicating and organising with one another as to how they are going to do the assignments with some families and friends taking the break as an opportunity to leave the country.

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These students are facing the challenge of communication and working well with others. Though I already have a blog done on communication and working well in regards to the Key Skills – it is interesting to review how can you facilitate projects without spoon feeding students.

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Using Web 2.0 technologies that I have learnt and used over the course of the module I tried to facilitate projects through these web 2.0 technologies.



For example, students who were away over the mid-term could communicate via edmodo. Additionally, if they had questions about their projects or wanted to collaborate with other students they could use the wall feature on edmodo.



However, some students said they didn’t like using edmodo as they had downloaded the app feature which took up too much space on their phones – thus they deleted edmodo. Therefore, we had to go look up a new web 2.0 technology which the students could use. We finally settled on twitter as the students could use the hashtag to look up other resources and websites. Though I must admit that I presume students will probably end up using the social media website facebook.



Literature and Killing time combined

Waiting at public places is one thing that we, humans, do not find as an exciting task to do. (

exam stressTravelling and waiting around is part of the everyday hum of society – especially in schools! We ask students to wait outside the classroom while we get ready for the next class or while talking to another students or teacher. Even when we are commuting home from school and work – There is always time to kill. 

While we always have our screens (be it phones, cameras, ipads, tablets, computers) to keep us entertained going back to basics reading a small piece of literature is an excellent idea! This project of using a free short story dispenser as a way to combat killing time in public spaces is one that can be transmitted into the classroom. 

This has inspired a little project which hopefully I can have in place in the classroom soon – print off small historical stories that students can take with them to read while killing time. It’s a simple project which will take some time to get up and running. However, hopefully it will inspire students to take a moment away from their phones and learn something new!

Open to any good history stories which could prove a nail biting short read!

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Resource Time – Stress

zen doodleSomething a little different

Stress – it’s the one thing that everyone is under recently. It’s that time of the year were everyone is under the shadow of pending exams, assignments, planning for next year, parent-teacher meetings, and on a count down for mid-term.

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How we all cope with stress is personal and individual. There is no right wrong or right way to deal with stress. However, one new trend in dealing with stress which has recently caught my attention is zen colouring. Reading through these two articles from the huffingtonpost ( and the telegraph ( highlights how important it is to find a technique which can calm the mind during stressful times.

If you do want to give zen colouring a try – highly recommended picking your favourite songs and listening to them while colouring in!

Links to where you can find samples or buy zen colouring books!

Digital Classrooms – Ireland

With each passing day more and more of our lives are becoming more technology based.

However, instead of ignoring this – the Irish Education system is embracing this and preparing students for this modern global society by investing 210 million euros!

This will benefit Ireland and with the recent launch of the – it’s clear to see that Ireland education system will only benefit from this huge investment.

For more information about the Digital Strategy for Schools please refer to the links below:

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On this Day

History Resources are abundant online. But how can you make students use history outside of the classroom?

One resource I’ve found that students seem to use even after leaving the history classroom is On this Day in History.

It’s a great little resource which can be looked up online and now is available in app form. Encourage students to download the app and use it. Even incorporate it into lessons to show how history is relevant.