Funny mistakes


On the topic of mistakes – here are some funny answers students have given when they did not know the answers to questions. All credit goes to (Askreddit)

I taught history and showed a video clip of Ronald Reagan’s famous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” In a later quiz I asked students to write down this quote with my favorite response starting “Mr. Gooberchuck…”

I had a student who would write things like “I don’t remember this, I’m sorry, but I drew you a picture of a dog instead”. Or “please don’t think that my wrong answer on this question means you’re a bad teacher, you’re awesome but I didn’t study”.

When my wife and I were TA’s in grad school, we proctored and then graded an essay exam. We had a student write, “I don’t know, so here’s a picture of a puppy”. He then drew a beautiful picture of a puppy, it took him nearly an hour to complete it. To this day when I ask my wife a question and she doesn’t know the answer, she just says, “puppy”.

In high school I was in a biology class with a buddy of mine. The class and the teacher were a complete joke and no one took it seriously. On an exam the teacher wanted an essay on something, and my buddy didn’t feel like writing it. Instead he drew a picture of Jesus and wrote “Jesus is always the answer” above it. He received full credit.


Mistakes happen!

Recently we were looking at how mistakes can occur in the classroom and it is normal for them to occur. More often than not people fret when mistakes happen. However, we are human, mistakes can happen. It is how we deal with them that is important.


How we “hang on” in these crisis moments defines us as people. For example, the dreaded moment as a teacher when you’ve realised that those handouts you made for the class are sitting on a desk in the staffroom. Do you risk running back to fetch them or continue on? You have seconds to decide what to do. (However, hindsight is a wonderful thing when realise you could have sent a student to get the handouts.) You take action and plough on – however inside your hanging on for the whole lesson hoping everything will work out well. This, however, does not always work out as smoothly as you would wish. It is those moments feel like an eternity. You start to question will this class ever end? Both you and the students come out of the class restless and exhausted.


However, everybody deserves a second chance to pick themselves up as the quote goes: It’s not how many times you fall that matters, it’s how many times you get back up.


Links to other blogs which explored how mistakes in the classroom are normal. Even if you do not wish to read blogs (you should though!!!!!!!!!!!), look closely at the titles and you can see how failure and making mistakes are not to be viewed as negatives – they are a chance to learn and grow!

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  3. Mistakes an Opportunity to learn.

Pause and take a moment – Before you tweet

Future Careers dashed because of a Tweet? 

On this blog there is a lot of reference to using online social media platforms such as twitter, blogs, educational websites and resources. Each of these websites allows for people to add and express opinions on these social media platforms – which is great!

However, sometimes it’s easy to forget  that these are public online social media platforms that can be accessed by anyone. 

Students have to abide to strict internet usage policies, and most schools have certain websites blocked in schools to ensure safety. However, outside of school what protects students from making a social faux pas mistake online for the whole world to see?

Students outside of schools may not realise the impact that their social media platforms will have on future opportunities. For example:

66 percent of recruiters reconsidered candidates because of spelling and grammar errors in their social profiles (U.S. Money Worldwide, June 15, 2015)

Though this may seem irrelevant to education it may make a good lessons on creating awareness of pause and think before using any social media platform which can be accessed.


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