CSPE Resource

Great CSPE resource that I came across recently is important buildings students need to revise for the Junior Cert. https://app.emaze.com/@AFZTILLC/cspe—the-buildings#5 This is very interactive and well worth checking out!

CSPE is a subject which encompasses web 2.0 technology into lessons easily.

For anyone not familiar with what the Action Project is take a look via the pdst website : http://cmsold.pdst.ie/sites/default/files/Action%20Projects%20Explained.pdf and a slight condensed version via scoilnet http://test.scoilnet.ie/Res/joeenglish110899114716_2.htm


Even this website and blog on Action Research Projects which have been undertaken show off how well web 2.0 technology is incorporated into CSPE lessons

Once education resource website I would defiantly encourage any teacher that teaches CSPE or has been involved with it in some shape or form to check out the Oireachtas website. They now have an educational programme http://education.oireachtas.ie/ which is full of great resources and clips.

Even looking at these clips you could encourage students to design the Oireachtas or one of the tours using minecraft for assessment. It is a fun way of learning minecraft and learning how the government works at the same time.

Another resource which I have come across is the CSPE.tv xitizenship education. http://www.cspe.tv/ It is packed with resources and ideas.

There is a an excellent resource on Children of the Holocaust which you can do without dwelling too much on the Holocaust with students but yet highlight the importance of the Holocaust through the Rights and Responsibility section of CSPE.




Small youtube tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to use emaze!

If you want to start using emaze – here is the link to their website!


It is a great alternative to powerpoint and prezi!


A Play about the American Revolution


A Play about the American Revolution



P.S. I take no credit for the play – just trying to make it more accessible to those who have emailed looking for a copy ūüôā If you are looking for more resources on the American Revolution please check out this blog by Ms.Dignam –¬†https://5j16missdignamblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/teaching-the-american-revolution/

Mental Health – Ireland

While using TwitterDeck earlier this week an interesting article cropped up.

The world’s happiest countries have been revealed and drum roll please as



top 102

was in the top ten (despite the weather)!

little things

Ireland has officially been listed in the top ten happiest countries in the world according to new research released earlier in the year (which focused on 142 different countries).

The Legatum Institute in the UK has unveiled their annual Prosperity Index and Ireland has been listed as the tenth happiest country in the world.

Sharing resources

Sharing resources is possibly one of the best ways to learn and build up a portfolio of lessons.

I know some teachers do not like to share which is understandable as sometimes you have it tailored to your class and your style of teaching.However, some teachers are fantastic at sharing resources and helping other teachers with resources and ideas.

A few website which are full of teachers who share ideas and resources which are free to download (for the most part) are as follows:

  1. tes.co.uk
  2. History association of Ireland
  3. History Ireland
  4. TED Talks education
  5. blogging websites
  6. Twitter – try #edchatie or #edchat (refer to my previous blog post for specific related subjects)



Since publishing this blog – this weeks #edchatie was all about sharing!

Some amazing resources were shared and a huge amount of teachers and educators took part in sharing many web2.0 tools and resources. I will post the transcript to this blog when it is published tomorrow!


Where have all the teachers gone?

Reading a recent article from tes.co.uk. Upon reading a recent article from tes.co.uk I became slightly alarmed by the opening paragrapgh,

Last week, PGCE history courses run by some of the most prestigious universities in the country, including mine, faced closure because a national limit for the number of trainee teachers had been reached.

Closing universities because they had reached their national limit? Shouldn’t a greater demand highlight the need to keep universities open?

Further reading of this article has astounded and open my eyes to the world of how education can be repeatedly underestimated in it’s importance and value in society.

However, according to the article there was a

‚ÄúTwitterstorm‚ÄĚ created by those deeply concerned about the threat to these PGCEs, and the potential of not being able to recruit excellent candidates, helped the Department for Education to think again.

This again shows the importance of teachers communicating with each other online can have an impact.


Again, another point ¬†which caused more concern was the mention of History and English as subjects once again coming under scrutiny.¬†Again and again history is a subject that is being threatened despite the need for history in our schools today. We need to educate students about the past in order for them to understand how and why the world is the way it is today. Once again, I’ve been left feeling that the importance of history in schools today is being underestimated.


Though this article is focusing on education in England it is a concern as it highlights how teachers and subjects are being threatened by the shift in society. Should we in Ireland be conscious of what’s happening considering the recent outburst surrounding Religious Education last week?


The concerning article if you wish to read about it: https://www.tes.com/news/school-news/breaking-views/governments-misguided-recruitment-policy-promotes-anti-intellectual




Another airport blog about Religious Education! No shortage of inspiration today while waiting for planes.

@HeathrowAirport there is a sense of Christmas in the air with seasonal Eggnog and gingerbread flavoured lattes! There is also a hint of Christmas with the beautiful modern twist on the classic traditional Christmas tree!

christmas tree terminal 5

@DublinAirport there is Santa and Rudolph!



starbucks cups.jpg


This reminds me of the current debate of the new Starbucks cups released for the festive Season! However, this has caused a lot of controversy and backlash! (if you have not heard about the this current debate http://www.ischoolguide.com/articles/35232/20151121/starbucks-holiday-cup.htm here you go!)


The link between @HeathrowAirport, @DublinAirport and @Starbucks for this post and Education is – how do we respect Religions in the public sphere?

Christmas is one of the biggest commercial times of year and one of the most well known times of year for Religious reasons. Yet, there is always controversy around this time due to the cross over between commercial Christmas and yet it’s foundations lay in Religion.

This has promoted me to question should we say Happy Christmas as opposed to Happy Holidays?

This is an age old debate since the phrase has come into existence. We acknowledge how Christmas has come about through this comment and we can see it as a positive phrase where



Microsoft Word - Document6

New resources I have been trying out which I recommended any teacher to try out!

-studyclix (free upgrades for teachers)


-powtoon(there was an offer on for a free account, not sure if it’ still going)

-edmodo(connect with classes and save time photocopying. Also, I’ve found putting up the clips or powerpoints I have used in class is helping students revise and create discussion outside of the classroom.)

-21classes (blogging sphere for students. Mixed feelings on this. Look for a post on it later in the week!)

Resource time!

A resource that is becoming more and more popular is Wordle. http://www.wordle.net/

It’s a little website where you can upload bodies of text or URL sites and the most commonly used word will be left.

This is a great resource for all subjects. However, I feel history will be the subject that mostly benefits as you can allow students to upload their essays and see which key words are needed to complete an essay.

history wordle

Pause and take a moment – Before you tweet

Future Careers dashed because of a Tweet? 

On this blog there is a lot of reference to using online social media platforms such as twitter, blogs, educational websites and resources. Each of these websites allows for people to add and express opinions on these social media platforms – which is great!

However, sometimes it’s easy to forget ¬†that these are public online social media platforms that can be accessed by anyone.¬†

Students have to abide to strict internet usage policies, and most schools have certain websites blocked in schools to ensure safety. However, outside of school what protects students from making a social faux pas mistake online for the whole world to see?

Students outside of schools may not realise the impact that their social media platforms will have on future opportunities. For example:

66 percent of recruiters reconsidered candidates because of spelling and grammar errors in their social profiles (U.S. Money Worldwide, June 15, 2015)

Though this may seem irrelevant to education it may make a good lessons on creating awareness of pause and think before using any social media platform which can be accessed.


12 things students should never do on social Media 

Social Media Mistakes 

Examples of Students being expelled

Digital Classrooms – Ireland

With each passing day more and more of our lives are becoming more technology based.

However, instead of ignoring this – the Irish Education system is embracing this and preparing students for this modern global society by investing 210 million euros!

This will benefit Ireland and with the recent launch of the http://education.ie/en/Publications/Policy-Reports/Digital-Strategy-for-Schools-2015-2020.pdf¬†– it’s clear to see that Ireland education system will only benefit from this huge investment.

For more information about the Digital Strategy for Schools please refer to the links below:

  1. http://education.ie/en/Publications/Policy-Reports/Digital-Strategy-for-Schools-2015-2020.pdf
  2. http://www.labour.ie/download/pdf/digital_strategy_for_schools.pdf
  3. http://education.ie/en/Press-Events/Press-Releases/2015-Press-Releases/PR15-10-07A.html
  4. http://www.schooldays.ie/education-news-item/210m-investment-in-digital-technology-for-schools-announced
  5. #digitalstrategy
  6. #digitalschools