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Narrable is a website which can be used an educational web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

I have heard very good things about Narrable – however, when you log onto narrable.com…………You are greeted with a delightful slideshow of images and text that informs you that narrable.com is currently making big changes and going to create a reliable site for creating stories. This has resulted in the website being closed and updated thus I have very little to hands on experience in regards to narrable.com.

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Not to be deterred I have since read as many reviews and articles as I could about narrable.com.

From what I have gleaned this is what the reviews have told me that narrable.com was an

application allows users to easily create narrated slideshows. For educators who don’t have access to standard video editing software, this is a great resource across multiple subjects for most grade levels. While the site has varied price points for both the general public and educators, it’s free for teachers to create unlimited projects.


I enjoyed noting that Narrable was free to teachers to create an unlimited amount of projects which could mean a motion comic or normal narrables for the classroom.

Additionally, another interesting feature of Narrable which made it very appealing was the simple fact that students and teachers could create comics on either

their computers or mobile devices.


Trying to book computer labs and ensuring students carry out the completed tasks is a bit of a logistical nightmare sometimes; thus computer labs are only used for specific projects or planned events. (Unless each student has a netbook or laptop which is becoming a more and more feature in schools)

By letting students use their mobile devices in class they are learning how to use their mobile devices in an educational way. Also, as it’s on a device they are familiar with – it increases the chances that they will use the device outside of the classroom.


Narrable projects can be shared via email, Facebook, or by embedding them into a blog or wiki.


key skills

Additionally, narrable ties into the key skills by being literate and creative. Additionally, it’s hands on thus the students are managing their information and thinking how are they going to present this to their peers and others who they are going to show their narrables too.

One other idea I like about narrable.com is that it’s very visual and it brings literacy beyond the classroom. As I mentioned earlier a web 2.0 application that can be encouraged outside fo the classroom is a tool worth using.

This has been highlighted by scholars who have come to recognise the importance of web 2.0 tools such as Narrable

 “Technology and Web 2.0 tools are supportive of knowledge construction, immersion in a foreign language, and interactivity across sites” (Chang, Pearman, and Farha 2012: 52).


This is one of the tutorials I have found on youtube on how to create your own narrable and set up an account.

If you know anything more about narrable.com or have used it please feel free to send me a message or comment as I would love to know more about it!

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death by powerpoint

Death by powerpoint – we have all heard these words at some stage or another. It’s self-explanatory – too much powerpoint.

How do you make powerpoints more interesting? Prezi.com is the answer!

What is prezi you ask?

Prezi is a presentation software. Think Microsoft powerpoint but 3-D and a lot more interactive. Additionally, there is a lot of templates to be used!

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prezi sample

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Why use Prezi as opposed to powerpoints?

One huge advantage of using prezi is you can put a youtube clip or video straight into your powerpoint. No more ads or pop up windows while loading a youtube clip. Additionally, same for websites and URL – Prezi allows you to go from the presentation to the website with ease.


Additionally, it stands out from the crowd due to it’s interactive visual platform.

Also, it allows for sharing online which allows teachers from across the globe to share resources with each other. I’ve found this particularly useful when looking for primary resources or pictures directly from places such as Italy or Spain.

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Can I use Prezi if I’m offline?

Yes you can – Prezi allows you to download your interactive PowerPoint and use them when offline or have a slow internet connection. However, you cannot load websites or YouTube videos while offline.

How much is it?

Prezi has numerous offers and accounts you can sign up to. However, if you’re just starting to use Prezi I would recommend going with the free account until you have found your feet.

Is there any criticism for using Prezi?

Yes – some people have reported feeling ill due to the zooming feature (ZUI). However, avoiding having too many zooming features will avoid this occurring.

http://www.web2access.org.uk/product/172/ This article goes through the disadvantages of using Prezi in the classroom and what effect it had on people.

Should I be worried then using Prezi in the classroom?

No – Prezi is a must have webtool that will benefit any teacher who has internet access.

How do I use Prezi after I sign up?

https://www.youtube.com/user/PreziVideoChannel – This is Prezi official youtube channel and goes through how to use Prezi and why you should!

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prezi.android&hl=en – Currently trying to embrace Google Apps and Docs feature.

https://twitter.com/prezi?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor Prezi is also on Twitter!

https://prezi.com/ – The website itself!

Academic Resource: http://www.web2access.org.uk/product/172/ – University of Southampton –  Web2Access