Recently, as part of one module – we had to look at religious stories and how they are portrayed in the media.

Though the module has ended one story which has since caught my eye and attention is Stephanie Kurlow, a 14 year old from Australia who is wishes to become the first Muslim Hijab Ballerina.


Why this news report caught my attention was down to Stephanie dedication to become a ballet dancer despite the difficulties encountered while wearing her hijab.  The dedication involved in perfecting ballet is one of awe.

Seeing how even from the above picture how physically demanding ballet is – it’s inspiring to see how people can love their passion despite the hardships involved.

Students are currently preparing and undertaking their mocks. Additionally, the students not in examination years are preparing for their next major exams – summer.

While reflecting on the dedication and passion of ballet dancers – it is good to remind students similar to ballet dancers to do a little everyday. This means going over topics which may not have been revised in a while.

motivation 8






The classroom is where students file in, open a textbook, learn, and leave again to repeat the process in another room down the hall. However, there is more to a classroom than just learning.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be part of a group of people who were given the opportunity to talk about who they thought were inspirational leaders. Each person choose someone different – yet each of these inspirational leaders had left a huge impact on each person. A common trait I noticed being mentioned was each inspirational leader was passionate and caring. They gave their time to listen and act which in turn inspired others.


It has inspired me to write these three tips to remind students as well as teachers to highlight the importance of listening and talking to each other.

  • Students – when a teacher says come talk to me if you’re stressed or overwhelmed – they actually mean that! Don’t think they won’t want to listen to you.
  • Teachers – remember to remind students they can talk to you. It may seem obvious but sometimes they need a gentle reminder.
  • Top tip – try and not rush out the door to your next class – it’s those few crucial seconds were lives are changed. It might be that little moment you stopped and gave your time that people remember in ten years times – not the lessons.