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While using TwitterDeck earlier this week an interesting article cropped up.

The world’s happiest countries have been revealed and drum roll please as



top 102

was in the top ten (despite the weather)!

little things

Ireland has officially been listed in the top ten happiest countries in the world according to new research released earlier in the year (which focused on 142 different countries).

The Legatum Institute in the UK has unveiled their annual Prosperity Index and Ireland has been listed as the tenth happiest country in the world.


Kids and Homework: A bad combination?

Source: Kids and Homework: A bad combination?

In response to this article I think sometimes students think


However, though students may think happiness equals no homework we must remember that homework is used to reinforce the material learnt in class. Though students may feel less inclined and enthusiastic about a subject due to the amount of homework they have to do.

Those who are supporting students through school must remember that if students are saying:homework.png

Maybe it’s because they are feeling similar to this:

homework overload.gif

Tips to help students combine homework:

  1. Set up a homework area. This can reduce stress in the evening as students know that there is a certain area to do homework and can leave that area knowing they aren’t going to find school work anywhere else. Additionally, it can help family to leave Stationery and other schools supplies in that area for the student to find. Also, make sure the area is well lit so students aren’t straining their eyes.
  2. Lock up distractions. This means no phone, no TV, no gameboys, no playstations, no xbox, no laptops, no computers (sometimes research and assignments can be done on computers thus don’t rule them out completely) etc. etc.
  3. Praise their work. If a student does an extra hour of study or looks up something they don’t understand praise them. Same for teachers – if you see a student working that bit harder or focusing that bit more, praise them. You never know what small words could change their perception of study.
  4. If there are continuing problems with homework, get help. Nobody is perfect. Teachers are there to help and they monitor students homework and classwork. They can tell exactly where a student needs to improve in a subject or area and can help or at least steer you in the right direction as to where to get help.