Apps for the classroom

With most schools now a month into the school year, the initial back to school rush has now hopefully ceased.

Some apps and websites which have really taken on board feedback and used the summer months to elove and adapt to the classroom can be found below!



Developed by Luke Saunders and web developer Keith Wright has made a big impact on how students can revise exam papers and questions. With all subjects sub-divided into categories and access to the solutions and marking scheme a drop down feature, it has brought revision into a whole new realm.

Over the summer slight changes were made to improve the overall use of the website and have adapted how you can print off the questions and solutions. Though these may seem small, these changes have been a game changer.

More and more students and teachers are signing up with studyclix, which is evident by the growing number of comments and revision notes being added to the website on a daily basis.

(If you have time there was an excellent piece in the Irish Times recently about Well worth the read


Ted is an excellent resource which can be used and outside the classroom.

One other great reason to use TED in a classroom is it can be downloaded onto an device that has an internet connection. It is accessible to all students at all levels and they can be encouraged to explore other topics and interests.


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