Online textbooks!

One of hidden gems of publication companies such as folens and edcodigitail is the ability to project your students textbook.

One of the new features which is slowly progressing into the classroom is the online editions of textbooks and workbooks. These online resources have been developed for schools which replaced textbooks with netbook, laptops, chrome books and ipads.

However, even if your school has not opted to use online textbooks, it is still a great teaching tool in the classroom. The ability to have the online edition allows for teachers to have access to the textbook at all times and add notes and highlight keys words for students in advance.

One feature of edcodigtail books is the sticky note addition which allows you to add in notes to an additionally page. This is ideal if you want to jump between screens smoothly. For example, when teaching the Numberg rallies to third year history students, the URL can be saved on a sticky note feature and then with one right clock you are watching the numberg rallies. This feature allows for effortless and seamless teaching.

Furthermore, one feature of edcodigitail which has caught my attention recently has been their huge lists of complied online free resources accessible to teachers. For history in particular they have a huge list of websites which all neatly categorised for each section of the syllabus. Some websites have even been organised into subcategories for the larger sections.

One other tool which proves time and time again as an interactive and great resource in the classroom is online quizzes. These interactive quizzes promote active learning in the classroom and can be a great way to revise sections.

Also, as these online resources are updated regularly it makes it very current!


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