As October comes to the end and mid-term is in sight, most students and teachers are turning towards revision and studying for the upcoming house exams and Christmas exams.

For some students, there is the added stress of the UCAS applications due in at the end of October. With these exams and deadlines looming many students are finding it more and more difficult to find time to relax and exercise outdoors as the evenings become shorter.

One way which this can be combated is through meditation. It is a good way for students to relax, focus their minds and take time for themselves amongst their busy schedule. However, doing focused meditation in the classroom versus being at home or on the go. It is a lot more difficult for students to do at home as they find they are more distracted by the mounting work they have to do and catching up with family and friends in the evening.

Some of the apps and websites that students have tried and found effective is the following:

calm-2 is a free app that can be download or accessed via their website Highly recommend resource for any classroom, especially even to have background music or sounds to focus students.

It has a wide range of features making it ideal for the classroom.

Additionally it has a wide variety of sensory varieties for students – audio listeners can listen to the guided meditation, those who are more sensory can watching the changing background and foreground of each meditation.

Meditation Timer Pro

Image result for Meditation Timer Pro

Though this is an app you have to pay for and there is plenty of free alternatives for people to download and use, it is an app which is worth paying for. The main selling feature of this app is it allowed you to customise each session by giving you the choice to set how long the meditiation is for.

Smiling Mind

Image result for smiling mind

Smiling Mind is a highly recommend app which can be seen used by many different people and talked about by many different people. This app is excellent as it was designed with the purpose to increase happiness and compassion in the world one day at a time.



Of course there is plenty of apps, websites and resources that can be used in the classroom. These are only a few recommend ones that have proved useful!


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