Good communication in the classroom


While researching key tips for communication – I clearly have not cleared cookies recently as each hit I got was on how to communicate in the classroom and how body language can be read in the classroom.

Thus embracing the communication theme – a small blog on how to communicate in the classroom!


Most teachers know how to communicate in the classroom. They are fully aware of their presence in the classroom. Additionally, each student sitting in front of them is fully aware of their teachers each movement.

Due to this it’s important to refresh ourselves as teachers how much of an impact our body language and communication skills can have in the classroom.

non verbal teacher.jpg

Look at this image and decide as a teacher – have you ever held any of these postures in the classroom? If yes, what triggered that reaction? Give a moment to think about the reaction and how it may have left a lasting impact on a student.


Reflecting on those postures – sometimes we are react without thinking. It’s our human side coming out. However, we do as role models have to suppress that side to us sometimes.

head in hands.jpg

We can’t  put our head in our hands when were asked questionable questions. We do have to smile through those moments in order to maintain a safe classroom environment were students feel comfortable in expressing themselves.


A single page which helped me through teaching practice and teaching in regards to this!

Teachings tips:

Will continue to update this blog post 🙂













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