Key Skills – Working together!


While reading the document outlining the elements of Working together I noticed word Group was mentioned a total of 97 times over 31 pages.

Each time the word group was mentioned it was in reference to group work and how students should be encouraged to teach each other.

Thus this quote from William Glasser in the document was eye opening and a good reminder!


Thus I have a few Web 2.0 tools to help make groupwork a little easier for the tech savy teacher whos not afraid to spice things up a little!

Google Docs

Google docs let you collaborate with students – even when you’re not in the classroom with them.

You can upload and edit assignments online – which is great for groupwork or class projects.

Also you can have control over who is invited to edit the document and you can see each edit and change made – thus no need to worry about cheating.



Channelme is a web 2.0 tool which allows you to ‘surf the web the web’.

This is good for groupwork as students (similar to google docs) can share a web site Β to collaborate over a web page. One feature which stands out for me is the real-time chat and the ability to add notes and comments right on the page. This can allow for participation and bouncing around of different ideas which may not get heard in a sit down group discussion. It gives weaker and shy students a chance to have their opinions and ideas heard and recorded.


join me.jpg

Join me is an easy to use website that you can host meetings on – handy for groupwork and discussions.

One huge plus about this web 2,0 tool is it’s designed to be mobile friendly!


Dropbox is a service that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and never lose a file again.

Dropbox is well known – but I see it rarely used by teachers in the classroom! Yet I hear the constant complaint from students that they lost work which impacts on other students grade and performance in groupwork assignments.

21classes 2222.png

Please refer to previous blog on


If your reading this you know how great is πŸ™‚



Please refer to blog on working with others πŸ™‚

Random name picker

random name picker.jpg

Save the headache making groups by using random name picker.

It’s fair and easy to use in the classroom.

Caution: Emotions can run high if students are paired with people they don’t like. Set ground rules about how this web 2.0 tool works before using it in the classroom.


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