Body Language

Recently we have been discussing how to become an emphatic listener. However,  notably a huge amount of communication is done through body language.

body language.png

If 80% of what we say is communicated through our body – it does well to remember how we hold ourselves when communicating with someone.


A big one for those who communicate while sitting down these are a few postures which may give away how you’re feeling without you realising. (Especially at parent teacher meetings!)

sitting language.png

Are you at fault of any of the above?

If so here a few tips on how to have positive open posture

top 102.jpg

  1. Maintain eye contact – but be careful not to stare.
  2. Beware of blinking too much – it may communicate that you are uncomfortable or nervous about the conversation topic.
  3. To increase participation in a conversation, look like you’re interested!
  4. Smile
  5. Don’t cross your arms and legs!
  6. Nod when your talking.
  7. Lean in but not too close – remember personal space when talking to someone!
  8. Mirror the language that people use when talking to them – it shows your listening and allows them to reflect on what they have been talking about as well.
  9. Have confidence – don’t look nervous – it will come across as disinterested.
  10. Keep your head up high.



If you want to know learn more here a few readings to start you off:

  1. James Bong, Body Language: 7 Easy Lessons to Master the Silent Language (Peasrson Education: Sep, 2009)
  2. Patti Wood, Snap: Makinig the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma. (New World Library , 2012)

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