Global Connections

multifaith roomSitting here in Heathrow Airport and realising how interconnected the world is – while searching for a starbucks.

This blog is a little different from my usual educational blogs but I think in regards to Religious Education and globalisation it is important to remember how interconnected the world has now become.

Though this may not be a Web 2.0 techy blog and focus more on Religious Education. Please remember this is a blog being written on a laptop on a web 2.0 medium surrounded by cutting edge technology!

While wasting hours away in Heathrow Airport I stumbled across the Multi-Faith Room. The experience I had in this room was different to any other inter-religious dialogue before.  Upon entering I respected other religions by removing my shoes (though they may have been to save on the cleaning bill of a carpet floor!).

While there was many people praying, and some chanting – the profound respect and silence each person had was overpowering. While speaking in lectures we talk about Religious dialogue around the world and how profound it is constantly. However, experiencing it first hand while waiting for a flight is something unique which I do not think I will experience again.

An airport is a place where people pass through – yet each person respects each other and their religion.


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