Signs and Symbols

Currently doing signs and symbols in Religious Education. Trying to combine web 2.o technology, history and Religious Education together in this post!

Currently, doing World War I, World War II and the Cold War with different years thus this is very fitting for a cross curricular video – especially with overlapping classes!

  • Signs: Handshake is a sign of friendship
  • Symbol: Handshake is a sign of peace
  • Sign: Hands up – Do not fire
  • Symbol: Peace, life, christmas, love
  • Sign: Photo
  • Symbol: Photo symbolises family, love, friendship, life, friends



#AntiBullyingWeek was trending twitter (web 2.0 technology) only a few weeks ago! This video was a great short pixar video in demonstrating how easy it is to bully without actually realising what we are doing.

The small birds in this video go along with the crowd until they realise it could affect them – which results in them losing their feathers!




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