outside of the classroom learning

In schools we are always encouraging students to learn – but what about outside of the classroom? In a bid to create a holistic education and encourage students to explore talents that they may not know they have I have complied a list of great websites (free) students can explore and use.

 1. Drwaspace

Free website in which students can download free art lessons. They can learn how to draw or sketch. Great little website for students who either want to learn how to draw or sketch or hone in on their talent. Additionally, keep an eye out for tutorials which offer critiques.

2. Duolingo

Free website and downloadable app which offers free language instruction in several languages. It is a great webstie and app as it is very interactive and helps the learning process.  They have introduced a new feature called Incubator in a bid for bilingual volunteers to help translate and moderate – which will in turn see the languages flourish as they become more native.

3. A capella

A capella has recently come into the lime light after the release of the movie Pitch Perfect. A cappella music is specifically group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way. One great example of A Capella can be seen through the group PTX (pentatonix) who are currently on tour with Kelly Clarkson.

Feel free to comment and add more!

I will update this post soon! Just three I have found of great interest and they are free!


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