National Chocolate Day


In honour of it being National Chocolate Day and realising that I have not made a Religious Education Resource Post recently – I am going to take the opportunity to do both!

johnny_depp_chocolat_movie_poster_b_2achocolat film posterChocolat (2000)

No spoilers

Chocolat describes the story of a Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk who open a chocolate shop in a quiet traditional French Village. However, she opens the chocolate day on the first day of Lent – which causes a stir among the quiet French Village.

Not only has she caused a stir by opening a tempting chocolate shop during Lent – she goes against traditional norms by having an illegitimate child and being an atheist (please do bare in mind the cultural and time setting of this film if showing it in a classroom). Nevertheless, this does not deter her as she gradually begins to win                                                               over the townspeople with not only her  chocolate but her personality.

This is a great film for teaching Religious Education – overcoming stereotypes. One of the biggest downfalls of Religious Education in an academic environment is there simply isn’t enough time to go through every single religion, cult, sect, belief, understanding, traditions etc. etc. thus we tend to generalise which in turn leads to stereotyping.

Also, another theme that comes through is the power of friendship. Throughout the film it’s highlighted how friendship can overcome differences.

Happy Chocolate Day!


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