Last week, Mental Health Day was celebrated across the globe. However, one huge factor which can contribute to mental health issues is bullying – especially in schools! Bullying is one of the few words no one wants to hear. Everyone has a story of some sort of bullying.

cyber bullying

Every school has a strict no tolerance of bullying. However the new question that’s starting to emerge is –  has physical bullying moved to cyber-bullying??

Cyber-bullying has become a huge problem in society. It can result in instant viral status which isn’t always appreciated. Once something becomes viral it’s difficult to remove. However, there is anti-bullying movements that are online which fight against this exact type of bullying whether it be intentional or not.

delete cyber bullying

One page which is getting increasing attention is AntiBullyingIreland. (URL: https://twitter.com/AntiBullyingIre?lang=en). I highly recommended it. It’s updated quite frequently and has amazing resources and ideas. One of my favourite posts so far has been this one:

happiness jar

This is a simple idea which could change the life of many. A happiness jar – simple yet effective and could be used by anyone.  For those days that it seems like an eternity just remember this quote and take out your happiness jar. You will be surprised by what you have achieved.


Great websites and supports for countering bullying!


12 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. Ms Delahoy, the happiness jar does sound like a great idea for some. But what do you do if you can’t think of any happy moments?


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