Educational Blogs – Positive Impact

Today we live in global society were we can connect with people all over the world. We can hear about stories in a matter of seconds thanks to technology. This world of information has progressed into our classrooms. I think this blogging is an excellent resource as it allows students to bring their subjects to life and hear first-hand accounts. (Juan Cole: Blogging Current Affairs History, 2011)

The importance of blogging in the classroom is evident where students now could be hindered if they don’t have a technological background.

The OCED report highlights that Irish students only use internet 18minutes in class per day as opposed to 25minutes. There is a fluster of concern that the internet shouldn’t be used in classrooms yet looking at how the digital strategy been rolled out last week it’s easy to forget that technology is still very new to the world. Though it has become a part of our daily lives, it’s still relatively knew.

Additionally, connectivity and blogging allows for supporting collaborative learning amongst students and teachers. The educational resources that can be exchanged and learned from each other far outweighs the concerns of the OCED report. Additionally, it has been noted in several critical responses that the OCED took a narrow approach.

Blogging is critical for schools in order to encourage literacy and numeracy in schools if taught and used in a sensible way. It will be of benefit for future generations.

Academic Journals

Juan Cole, Blogging Current Affairs History, Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 46, No. 3, At the Crossroads of Past and Present — ‘Contemporary’ History and the Historical Discipline (JULY 2011), pp. 658-670.

OCED Report Response:

Digital Strategy Schools:


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